What backhoe loader best buy

Wide functionality of backhoe loaders

Modern versions of these machines are one of the most popular types of special equipment, using which you can perform the widest range of loading and unloading, construction, commercial and other types of work. Knowledge of the basic functionality, technical characteristics and special heavy vehicles will help to make the right choices and to decide which backhoe loader is better to buy for a particular organization. Thus it will be possible to consider not only the performance characteristics of the equipment, but also the most frequently performed types of work, the specifics of a particular production, etc.
Modern earthmoving machines, generally used for qualitative and operative performance of the following activities:

  • passage of trenches and pits;
  • device shafts, embankments, slopes;
  • the formation of the dams, other types of barriers;
  • planning of territories, taking into account the topography of the area whether the formation is a flat surface;
  • work in landscape design;
  • quarrying, extraction of minerals;
  • loading and unloading of various cargoes, bulk building materials, etc.

When deciding which the backhoe loader to choose, it should be remembered that all this technology is able to ensure the implementation of the most complex types of work in the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency. Saving time, money, the acceleration of the process of construction or manufacturing other types of work there.

What is a backhoe loader to select, and then perhaps buy

Consider a few models of the most popular types of backhoe loaders that have been successfully implemented in the national economy. By the way, in preparation for the purchase of specialized equipment, it is useful to see what others have written about a particular model of equipment. What backhoe loader best buy user reviews will tell you precisely and accurately.

One of the most attractive to users options, is the technique of the JCB. For being active in the market released almost half a million copies excavators forklifts a variety of versions, sizes, capacity and destination. All this equipment combines:

  • high quality workmanship;
  • reliability, longevity and reliability in work;
  • efficiency;
  • impressive performance resource;
  • versatility.

On all models of equipment using original spare parts, components and parts of own production. Actively being developed, search and introduction of new innovative solutions. Special solutions implemented in these machines allow you to save fuel while under load, and to develop a rather high speed while moving on the roads. Important attention is paid to environmental safety, the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere are minimized, while productivity and reliability of machines and mechanisms is not affected.

backhoe loader

The best model based on performance and reviews from owners of the machinery

Definitely a flagship in a line of modern high-tech backhoe loaders is the JCB 5CX ECO. The model was specifically developed for use in the Russian market, given the difficult road, weather, climatic conditions, increased loads on all major components and assemblies. The engine has an output of 118 HP, which provides the opportunity most successfully to combine high productivity when working on the road, marching with a great performance on the highway.

Making a choice what backhoe loader best buy, you should pay attention to this model and its distinctive features, such as:

  • high maneuverability;
  • compact size that allows you to perform various loading and excavation work in tight spaces;
  • various types of suspension – wheeled or tracked.

You should pay attention to the JCB 3CX ECO SM, this model is especially appreciated by professionals for versatility. In adverse climatic conditions, when performing the most difficult kinds of works, machinery performs the work confidently, accurately and efficiently. The machine has great mobility, easy to overcome the ravines and slopes, moves through difficult terrain. This is a secured feature of the device of the machine, namely, the two leading bridge, and is large enough for the size of the wheels. We recommend you read the material on the purpose and application of grab bucket.

Deciding what the backhoe loader to choose, should pay attention to the technical capabilities of this equipment, namely:

  • execution, if any, the heavy and sturdy types of soils;
  • perfect alignment of territory and space;
  • a temporary paving of unpaved roads;
  • clearing of the terrain and roadbed from snow;
  • passage of trenches and pits;
  • transporting quite large loads;
  • execution of works on landscape design.

Main technical specifications model

  • Machinery has the following overall dimensions: length – 5,6 m, width 3.6 m, height 2.4 m.;
  • clearance (distance from axle to ground level) – 37 cm.;
  • wheel base 2 m 17 cm.;
  • engine 4-cylinder, power 85 HP;
  • maximum speed on the road – 35 km/h;
  • fuel consumption is 8 liters in 1 hour;
  • fuel tank 160 litres.

Another indicator that can be decisive in the choice of this model of backhoe loader – the depth of trenching or excavation – 2m 42 cm and the height to which one set can be loaded up to 0.5 cubic meters of soil – more than 4 meters.

Multifunction machines — JCB 4CX

JCB 4CX uses a variety of implements from the pump used for pumping water while drilling wells to circular saws when clearing firebreaks, Bush clearing, etc. a Distinctive feature of the model is a four-speed transmission, working in semi-automatic mode. Gear shifting is performed by means of a convenient lever, and the reverse, located on the steering column. The result – improved performance, more convenient operation mode for the driver.The control is effected by means of a special actuator so that the gear shifting occurs as gently and smoothly. You have the option of six-speed gearbox. This equipment should be in cases where the planned work at high loads in a fairly large and regular volumes.

Main technical specifications model:

  • The full weight of the truck in running order – about 9 tons;
  • maximum digging depth – 5 m 50 cm;
  • the bucket has an inner volume 1.1 m3 (with its frontal placement) and 0.5 m3 (when installing the rear bucket of the excavator);
  • power four-cylinder engine – 74 HP

In addition, the equipment has a fairly rich equipment a variety of additional options and systems. So, when braking on the descent, the work included all 4 wheels, and fixing the torque provides a significant fuel economy in the process of doing the work.

To buy or rent a backhoe loader, solves every head of the organization independently. It is important to examine what the backhoe loader best buy and reviews left by users of certain models.

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