Tractor claas ares

The tractor family from claas ares is a modern, powerful, comfortable and economical device designed to perform a wide range of jobs for agricultural purposes, towing and hauling varied cargo. Machinery efficient off-road, has a high permeability, maneuverability and is characterized by ease of management. Reliable automatic controls of the tractor claas ares almost independently, allowing the tractor driver to focus on getting the job done with maximum precision by controlling the efficiency of the equipment.

About the firm the manufacturer

The developer lineup – the German company Claas. For being active in the market, released 34 different modifications of popular emergency vehicles. All models fully comply with the requirements of modern units. The developers paid very close attention to the following key areas of development and production of tractors:

  1. Power.
  2. Efficiency.
  3. Handling.
  4. Maneuverability.
  5. Increased comfort in the workplace.
  6. Good visibility.
  7. Versatility.

Tractor popular brand is a guarantee of high quality, reliability and simplicity of maintenance, possibility of performing the most complex types of work in agriculture.

All manufactured by machinery is divided into four categories – heavy duty tractor, heavy machine in standard, middle class and series Arion.

Tractor claas ares the popular series and features

The most pronounced representative of this category of special vehicles – Xerion with the wheel formula 4×4. It is the most powerful and high-performance tractor Claas. Advantages of the design are its design features and applied innovative solutions such as:

  • continuously variable transmission;
  • economical engine increased power;
  • effective, well thought out chassis design.

Special attention during the development of this model of tractor claas ares was given its advanced functionality. The design most successfully combined features:

  • a standard tractor;
  • a self-propelled machine;
  • high-performance tractor.

Traction capability of the equipment has expanded the use of special articulated frame increased strength.

The machinery has two leading and steering axles for better maneuverability. The minimum turning radius, depending on the type of installed tires can be up to 6 meters. In the design model there are many systems designed to improve the technical characteristics and parameters of emergency vehicles, first of all — parallel motion, Claas GPS Pilot other.

Of impressive specifications and design features of the models in this group, we can note four-wheel drive transmission and a continuously variable transmission. The machinery has a capacity of more than 13.5 tons and can accelerate on the road to 50 km/h. Weight – 17 ton 230 kg.

claas ares

In the design of these tractors founded optimal, uniform distribution of the mass of equipment on the wheelset. The model is equipped with a powerful six cylinder engine (mark – FPT). Depending on the specific model of the power plant are minimal – 189, the maximum 410 HP to an Impressive value wheel base provides the necessary stability, controllability, and allows you to use the technique in almost all kinds of agricultural works.

The “highlight” of the model range – convenient and highly-simplified shifting. And the onboard computer allows you to use a variety of settings and provides the most extensive functionality. In addition, the adjusted optimal torque is automatically regulated by fuel consumption, which improves the efficiency of operation of heavy machines. The tractor can also fast enough to move on the roads (max speed 40 — 50 km/h). And has a lot more than 13 tons.

Series ARION claas ares presented several tractors with advanced features. Model 500-I and 600-I is a special equipment with sufficiently powerful engines (112 – 155 HP). Efficiency, excellent traction, payload, and maneuverability are the main advantages of models. If the tractor you plan to run the most complex jobs, with increased constant load – this option can be considered optimal.

The middle class tractor claas ares in the best way characterize the most pronounced representative: Arion 640 C. long wheelbase is a successful constructive solution, which allowed to significantly increase the traction, and the system of uniform distribution of weight on all wheels ensures maximum throughput, which is most clearly seen in difficult terrain and difficult terrain. The cabin is equipped with air conditioning, as well as additional glass hatch. This provides increased comfort for the driver.

All of these reasons, and also other tractor models fully meet the requirements for this category of special equipment requirements. Claas are among the world’s best equipment, which allows to widely use it in the construction sector and agriculture.

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