The bulldozers Komatsu have a big resource and high maintainability

The segment of caterpillar bulldozers in the Russian market of the construction road equipment is one of the most capacious. Having reached maximum rise in 2008, as a result of crisis of 2009 it was reduced by 5 times at once. However despite so rapid falling, the market soon I have dynamically gone to growth. And here new crisis has again forced equipment manufacturers to tighten belts more tightly.

The “Stroitelnaya Tekhnika I Tekhnologii»/CTT magazine in the next digest has brought together representatives of leaders in this segment of the companies to discuss how the situation in development of this type of the equipment is and what are used the checked technologies and innovative decisions.

The CEO of ISTK Oleg Stepanov has taken part in a virtual round table.

In the last two years the model range of the bulldozers Komatsu hasn’t undergone changes. The brand is presented at the Russian market by the D37EX-22, D39EX-22, D63E-12, D65EX-16, D85ESS-2A, D85EX-15R, D155A-5, D275A-5, D375A-6, D475A-5 models. At the same time, the company places emphasis on innovative technologies and, including, develops bulldozers with intellectual managements, bulldozers with the built-in system of leveling.

Answering a question of journalists that Komatsu does for increase in profitability of cars, Oleg Stepanov has noted that on bulldozers the system of remote monitoring KOMTRAX which displays information on technical condition of the car is installed, notifies on carrying out servicing, allows to reveal the possible imminent malfunctions and many other things. It allows to reduce time of idle times, helps to organize timely service of the equipment that finally increases efficiency of cars. The KOMTRAX system is installed at the plant, except the D155A-5, D275A-5, D375A-5, D375A-6 models at once, however on them installation of a set Step-1 by forces of the official distributor is possible. Difference from factory – in the reduced number of the displayed parameters. Also at the request of the customer the bulldozers Komatsu are in addition completed with the systems of leveling.

The CEO of ISTK has noted that Komatsu uses hydraulic components only of own production. All bulldozers of the company delivered to Russia are issued at the plant in Japan.

In the bulldozers Komatsu a number of developments which do them convenient for work of the operator is also applied. All cars are equipped with cabins with the high level of vibroprotection and the systems of protection of the operator of ROPS and FOPS. Depending on estimated climatic conditions on the place of operation, the bulldozer can be completed with the conditioner or the heater. Comfortable working conditions of the operator at movement are provided due to use of the damping elements of fastenings of a cabin. The ergonomic control system of PCCS developed by the Komatsu company provides creation of a working situation, completely controlled operator. The HSS system (the hydrostatic system of steering) provides smooth, fast and effective managements on different soil. The transmission with the ECMV valve (the modulating valve with electronic control) – depending on movement conditions the controller automatically regulates turning on of each coupling, providing her smooth unaccented inclusion and also increase in service life of knots and creation of comfortable conditions for work of the operator.

Depending on appointment and like works, the bulldozers Komatsu are equipped with different dumps, including: direct dump, spherical, hemispherical and new innovative SIGMA dump. The SIGMA dump form increases ability of a dump to hold soil and allows to crash into soil better. The forming walls from soil hold it in the central part of a dump, allowing to avoid a soil prisypaniye on each side.

From the most relevant decisions on support and stimulation of demand for bulldozers, Oleg Stepanov has noted the scheme on updating of the park of the equipment – Trade-In which becomes more popular. The bulldozers Komatsu have a big resource and high maintainability, and have big liquidity in the secondary market.

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