Quarry dump truck Komatsu HD325-6

General specifications of KOMATSU dump truck HD325-6

  • A powerful Komatsu SAA6D140E engine with low fuel consumption
  • Fully automatic transmission the K-ATOMiCS seven-speed transmission provides smooth acceleration and deceleration
  • Multi-disc brake with oil cooling and optional braking device by throttling the exhaust
  • Hydropneumatic suspension for smooth mobility
  • Spacious soundproof cabin
  • Constant speed when driving downhill
  • The solid construction of the frame and the body
  • Advanced system control
Performance characteristics:
The volume of engine, l 15
Power, HP 488
Production Japan
Operating temperature, 40…+40
Lifting capacity, t 32
Body volume: heaped (SAE 2:1), m3 24
Body volume: geometric, m3 28
The maximum weight of a loaded dump truck, t 65
Speed km/h 70
The dimension of the tires 18
Wheelbase, mm 18
The front track of wheels, mm 33150
Rear track, mm 2550
Total length mm 8365
Overall height, mm 4150
Loading height, mm 3200
Minimum turning radius, m 7
Fuel tank capacity, l 500

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