New loader John Deere with an unusual steering system

American manufacturer of machinery, the John Deere company showed at the exhibition World of Concrete new mid-size front loader model 344L, features an unusual steering system Articulation Plus – hinged frame with rotating rear wheels.

Thanks to a new steering system, loader John Deere 344L has improved performance, tighter turning radius, improved stability and additional lift capacity. These characteristics allow to use the technique for carrying out the loading and unloading of large volume, for clearing snow on larger areas, excavation work, on farms and on construction sites.

The new machine is very nimble, easy to use, and has a small turning radius, which gives her the opportunity to not only move heavy loads over long distances, but being loaded to produce a sharp change of direction.

In addition, the loader is equipped with modernized cabin of enhanced comfort and visibility: the operator’s seat has an ergonomic high backrest and heated, climate control with clean air filter ensures a comfortable temperature and does not allow dust and debris to get inside the car.

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