mining shovels Komatsu PC8000-6

mining shovels Komatsu PC8000-6. In this specialized model, the company establishes a reasonable price.


High performance excavator PC8000-6 is designed and manufactured for use in mining and in metallurgy. This specialized model enables the development and delivery of large amounts of minerals. For excavator PC8000-6 is characteristic of the traditional advantages of Komatsu:

  • reliable, simple and durable construction;
  • multiple operating modes;
  • efficiency and environmental friendliness of the power plant;
  • simplicity and ease of administration;
  • safety of the operator;
  • high level of automation;
  • the ease and efficiency of maintenance.

Along with high performance, an important advantage of the excavator PC8000-6 is a good maneuverability and stability. These qualities combined with a wide operating temperature range makes this unit an attractive solution for operation in conditions

long-term partnership with various companies in the steel, oil, gas, coal and other industries. Good understanding of customers ‘ requirements enables the company to pursue a balanced marketing policy and to establish minimum prices for mining shovels Komatsu PC8000 series, while providing the highest level of service.

Specifications Shovel Backhoe
Power (HP) 4 020 4 020
Operating weight, (t) 722 716
Bucket (cu. m) 42 38
Engine type SDA16V160x2 SDA16V160x2
Track width, (mm) 1 500 1 500
Max. digging depth (mm) 3 100 8 400
Max. digging height (mm) 20 600 16 900
Breakout force/cutting force of the soil, (kg) 236 500 203 800
The pressure force of the handle (kg) 236 500 183 500
Boom length (mm) 8 150 11 500
Stick length (mm) 5 750 5 500

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