STK offers to purchase excavators PC1250-7 manufactured by Komatsu. The company sells these specialized units at a reasonable cost.

excavator pc1250

Excavator PC1250-7 is designed for use in mining, road construction, oil and gas and other industries. This model is characterized by high ground cutting force and provides good performance when performing work in adverse conditions. This excavator gives the chance to carry out digging of trenches, to develop pits, to deepen ditches, to create embankments, etc. the Main advantages of this model are:

electronic control;
high performance;
low fuel consumption;
wide operating temperature range;
easy operation and maintenance;
operator comfort and safety;
low-toxic engine;
small maintenance costs.

An important advantage of the PC1250-7 is its extremely high reliability. It is provided by the use of special technical solutions such as reinforced chassis, heat-resistant wiring, protective rings of hydraulic cylinders in the design of the excavator.

STK conducts a reasonable marketing policy and sets reasonable prices for the equipment offered for sale. At the same time, the company offers its customers a high level of service and full understanding in solving any issues.
Specifications shovel backhoe
Power, (HP) 651 651
Operating weight, (t.) 110 106,7
Bucket (cubic m) 4,5 5
Engine, type SA6D170E SAA6D170E
Track width, (mm) 700 700
Max. digging depth, (mm) 3 650 9 350
Max. digging height, (mm) 12 330 13 400
Detachment force / ground cutting force, (kg) 590 000 48 800
Handle pressure, (kg) 62 000 42 000
Boom length, (mm) 5 300 9 100
Handle length, (mm) 3 800 3 400

Weight, t 110
Bucket, m3 4,5
Power, HP 651
Digging depth, mm 3650

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