KOMATSU excavator PC2000-8

Productivity and efficiency

• High fuel efficiency due to maximum reduction of power losses and application of advanced hydraulic system.

  • In economy mode fuel consumption is reduced by 10 % (compared to an excavator PC1800-6)
    • Reducing the loss of hydraulic power through the use of advanced hydraulic system
    • A system of regulation of frequency of rotation of fan motor power depending on business needs
    • The machine is equipped with fans with electronic speed control
  • Powerful and economical engine Komatsu SAA12V140E-3 with a capacity of 713 kW (956 HP), running an effective system power control
    • The system automatically reducing the engine speed and auto transition mode the minimum idling speed
    • Two operating modes: high-power and economical


  • This engine is certified for compliance with Tier 2 – standard EPA is regulating exhaust emissions
  • The use of new technology will provide extremely low noise (Dynamic noise level 8 dB lower than that of the excavator PC1800-6)
    • The modular design of the power plant and use of noise-absorbing blades prevent the spread of noise outside
    • Three-dimensional hybrid fan minimizes noise from the turbulence

The low complexity of repair and maintenance

Lower costs for repairs and maintenance due to simplification of design, high reliability and durability

  • Simplified and durable construction
    • One motor and two pump Komatsu HPV375+375 driven by the PTO shaft
    • A simplified mechanism of the turn with a single motor (each side)
    • Reinforced parts of the tracks
    • The use of oil and filters with a large work resource
    • Increased service life of rubber parts at the expense of reducing the temperature of the working fluid of the hydraulic system
  • The power plant is modular construction and easy Assembly and disassembly of components, reduces costs, time and repair costs
  • The ease of maintenance
    • Around the perimeter of the power plant there is a passage for maintenance
    • The drain fittings that are serviced from ground level
    • Group filter location
    • Large fuel tank designed for 24 hours of continuous operation
    • Automatic lubrication grease tank with a capacity of 200 l (52.8 US gallon) for lubrication of various components, including the hinges of the bucket
  • The onboard control system VHMS monitors the technical condition of machines and minimize machine downtime

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