Grader Komatsu GD825A-2


Maximum operating weight front axle 7910 kg
The maximum operating weight of the rear axle 18450 kg
Total maximum operating weight 26420 kg
The amount of fuel 500 L.
The liquid volume of the oil system 38 L.
The liquid volume of the cooling system 58 L.
The volume of fluid of the hydraulic system 80 l
The volume of fluid transmission 25 L.
The volume of fluid in each sump dual drive 190 L.
Tyre size 23.5 X 25-12PR (L3) tires
Working voltage 24 In
Current generator 50 amps


Type of transmission komatsu hydrostatic transmission
The number of forward gears 8
Number of reverse gears 8
Maximum speed forward 44.9 km/h
Maximum speed back 47.9 km/h


Left and right swivel 25 degrees
Turning radius 7.9 m


Height to top of cab 3550 mm
Overall length 10010 mm
The width between the tires 3310 mm
Wheelbase 7132.3 mm
The base of the blade 3100 mm
Wheelbase tandem axis 1840 mm

Front axle

Tilt wheel 14.5 degrees
General fluctuations 32 degrees
Clearance 680 mm


The height of the plow blade 800 mm
The thickness of the plow blade 25 mm
Maximum depth of cut 480 mm
Extruding a blade with a maximum weight 13720 kg
The width of the plow blade 4928 mm


Diameter 1775 mm
Rotation 360 degrees
Left max reach outside tires 2400 mm
Right reach outside tires 2400 mm
Max lift above ground level 490 mm
The cutting angle of the blade 49 degrees
Rear tilt angle blade 5 degrees


Manufacturer Komatsu
Model S6D140E
Power measured at 2100 Rev/min.
Effective capacity of 7-8 speeds 208.8 kW
The number of cylinders 6
Maximum power 208.8 kW
Engine size 5.9 L.

Hydraulic system

Pump type Hydraulic cylinders double acting piston type
Pressure relief valve 24545.3 kPa

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