Grader Komatsu GD705-5

Komatsu in 2018 brought to market the machine for road works the next generation – the new grader GD705-5. Compared to the previous model has a number of advantages thanks to advanced solutions. Available ГД705-5 in the Japanese city of Avaza. Reliable and efficient motor grader can be ordered in standard Russian equipment.

Specifications of motor grader

  • Machine operating weight is 22.5 t,
  • engine output is 186 kW.
  • wheelbase is 6.8 meters

A significant traction to use the machine not only in areas such as road works, construction and mining industry. The stability guarantees considerable size of the wheelbase. The displacement of the cab on the front part of the frame allowed the grader to maintain mobility.

Designers of construction machinery Komatsu has also developed a new cooling system – radiator fan delivers an air flow which directs heat generated by the engine.

Piston hydraulic variable displacement pump provides a low pressure drop, and the electronic engine management system ensures optimum energy efficiency. The performance grader is above 5%, and fuel consumption compared with the predecessor reduced by 5%.


In a standard build for our market machinery of self-propelled motor grader has a main and front piles of soil, Ripper, automatic transmission with torque Converter, safety clutch, battery disconnect switch battery conditioner. All machines are equipped with Komtrax system, which implements remote control over the machine.

The first machines have already begun to work at the coal mine named cheremnova. To buy a motor grader from Komatsu authorized dealers that have certified works and services – service and warranty maintenance, supply and replacement of main units, original parts.”

Main features:

  • Articulated frame provides increased safety of operation and versatility, as well as reduced turning radius. The operator’s cabin mounted on the rear frame, which improves visibility in all directions and increases the accuracy of the operator.
  • Versatility is achieved through the use of a blade with a length of 4320 mm, with hydraulically driven rotation, which facilitates work on difficult sites. The rotation of the blade, in combination with the articulated frame, makes it easy to align the surface of the road even in difficult areas, where placed underground hatches or corners. The angle of the blade can be adjusted up to 90° on both sides of the machine.
  • High stability of the machine and increased efficiency in work on the leveling of the ground is achieved through the use of dual drive chain type with fully floating axle shafts and a wide base wheels. In addition, a higher clearance of the front axle above the ground and a large angle of rotation allows more efficient leveling the ground on rough terrain.

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