Dump truck Komatsu 630E

Specifications KOMATSU 630E

Performance characteristics of mining dump truck
Maximum speedkm/h 51,0
Turning radius, m 12,2
The number of cylinders 16
Diameter of cylinder, mm 159
Piston stroke, mm 159
Working volume of engine, l 50,3
Fuel tank, l 3217
Weight distribution (front), kg 91396
The mass distribution (rear.) kg 203444
Weight gross, kg 294840
Weight of empty machine (includes lubricants, coolant, fuel tank filled to 50% and standard body), kg 124028
Weight gross, max. (not allowed to exceed max. gross vehicle weight, including the payload capacity of the tyre big size), kg 294840
Full power, kW 1492 at 1900 rpm.
Flywheel power, kW 1388 at 1900 rpm.
Load and capacity of the platform
Maximum load, t 172
Maximumcapacity (2:1), m3 103
The front tires 36.00-51 x 2
Rear tires 36.00-51 x 4
Manufacturer KOMATSU (Komatsu)
Country USA

Design features dump truck KOMATSU 630E

  • Maximum performance and fuel efficiency
  • A wide spacious cab
  • Excellent conditions of work of the operator
  • Easy loading of the body
  • Hydropneumatic suspension for the equipment of the increased passability
  • Mechnism locking axle and cross-axle differentials
  • Reliable multi-disc brake wet type brake

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