Crawler mine excavator Komatsu PC4000-6

excavatop pc4000

Company Komatsu undertakes a crawler mine excavator Komatsu PC4000-6. It is a powerful productive machine, which are exploited in the mining industry. Able to perform the loading and unloading of large volumes of rocks, work in the quarries, extraction sites of minerals. Designers Komatsu improved the hydraulic system crawler ПС4000-6, making it more reliable and durable and the engine power allows you to work effectively in difficult conditions.

Advantages PC4000-6

  • mining excavator has a powerful cutting force of the soil;
  • ease of bucket fill;
  • ensure the protection of all cylinders due to the installation under the cover of the hinged equipment;
  • the presence of different buckets and interchangeable sets of protection depending on the density and properties of rocks;
  • a comprehensive quality control filtering;
  • simple hydraulic system excavator Komatsu and highly efficient oil coolers;
  • convenient design provides easy access to the main components;
  • a system for monitoring the state of the art;
  • PC4000-6 easy to maintain, comfortable design for easier access to major components;


Engine power SDA16V160 mining shovel Komatsu PC4000-6 1400 kW.

  • operating weight model with a straight shovel – 391, backhoe — 390 tons
  • Bucket capacity is determined by the type of shovel. The volume of the bucket with straight spade – 38м3, bucket capacity backhoe – 42 m3,
  • the speed of rotation of platform career excavator – 4,0 rpm
  • mining excavator has a maximum movement speed of 2.1 km/h,
  • digging height – 15 000-17 370 mm, digging depth – mm 2800-8000,
  • breakout force: a direct shovel 127 400 kg, with reverse – 117 700 kg

Device Komatsu PC4000-6

Priority in the development of career excavator in Komatsu was paid to the reliability and longevity of service, performance, equipment and comfort of the operator. Suspension ПС4000-6 has several features, namely:

  • rollers, idlers and sprockets of large diameter,
  • large surface area and high-precision hardening of all involved components to reduce wear of the tracks.

Quarry excavator for monitoring KOMTRAX system is installed, collecting data and reporting on the operating status of crawler excavator PC4000-6.

The operator PC4000-6 created the most comfortable conditions of work. Big sound suppressed cab PC4000-6 is installed on the dampers 18. It is sealed and protected from dust and air conditioning. Despite the power of the engine inside the cabin is quite quiet, which reduces fatigue during work. The seat can be adjusted in different positions. Front window full height cab and a raised seat gives good all-round visibility. Great wiper covers the entire area of the windshield, which makes it possible to work even in inclement weather.The front window is made of impact-resistant plastic.

Buy mining excavator PC4000-6 in ISTK of the company and its dealerships. Details about prices and conditions is given to managers on the phone . Additionally at the best price you can buy attachments and spare parts for machinery.

Specifications Shovel Backhoe
Power (HP) 1 875 1 875
Operating weight, (t) 391 390
Bucket (cu. m) 22 22
Engine type SDA16V160 SDA16V160
Track width, (mm) 1 200 1 200
Max. digging depth (mm) 2 800 8 000
Max. digging height (mm) 17 370 15 000
Breakout force/cutting force of the soil, (kg) 127 400 117 700
The pressure force of the handle (kg) 135 000 107 000
Boom length (mm) 7 150 9 750
Stick length (mm) 4 900 5 100

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