Bulldozer Komatsu D85ESS-2A

Komatsu D85ЕСС-2A crawler dozer is equipped with Komatsu engine S6D125E-2, capacity of 149 kW. This high-performance bulldozer equipped with straight blade with adjustable skew angle, the machine combines the significant power and efficiency in work. Engineers have developed a gear box, which enables you to switch the speed of the bulldozer and change direction with a single control lever.


Operating weight  model Komatsu D85ESS-2A is 20 670 kg, the volume of direct blade – 4,4 m3, spherical – 3,4 m3. Successfully works when the transverse transportation of soil, placement of fill, or backfilling. The bulldozer is equipped with a monitoring system, and can also be set system 3D leveling.

The advantages of the model

  • comfortable controls inside cab crawler dozer D85ESS-2A;
  • durable design;
  • durable undercarriage Komatsu, low center of gravity and increased length of the tracks;
  • easy maintenance;
  • a system of control and diagnostics, warning of serious failure;
  • significant capacity in its class of equipment;
  • access to monitoring system from any computer with out Internet;
  • the presence of three blades or racks with rippers.

Operator comfort

Dozer meets the safety requirements and ergonomics that apply to the machinery on the Russian market. The Joypad location allows you to drive a bulldozer without any extra effort. If the operator needs to submit the car forward and to the left, he moves the joystick in the desired directions.

The noise level inside the cabin of the machinery Komatsu reduced as much as possible, as power train components and hydraulic valves cleaned in a frame with rubber cushions. Standard equipment also includes a seat with a three-stage system of adjustment of the armrests.

Bulldozer Komatsu D85pESS-2A is used for leveling and moving soil, when planning construction sites and the creation of embankments during mining, where working conditions are difficult. In order for the bulldozer Komatsu D85ESS-2A optional attachments.

On the acquisition of special equipment Komatsu in Russia and parts at the best prices please contact us by phone +7(495) 663-35-87. Buy Komatsu D85ESS-2A in the branches and dealerships.

Engine power, HP 200
Operating weight, t 20,6
The type of blade direct / hemispherical
The volume of the blade, m3 4,4 / 6,8
Width of blade, mm 3 640
Cab type Metal cabin
Ripper tricycle
Transport length, mm 6 835
Overall height, mm 3 160
Overall width without blade, mm 2 560
Ground pressure, kg/cm3 0,51
The reference length of track, mm 2 980

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