Bulldozer Komatsu D155A-5

Presented in this section of the catalog ISTK bulldozer D155A-5 from the Advance embodies the genuine Japanese quality and reliability. Komatsu Parts for Heavy Machinery: visit our website AGA Parts. Ease of operation and easy to learn technique combined with high productivity and security.


  • Designed for intensive work economical engine SA6D140E-2 (power 305 HP).
  • In Komatsu D155A installed automatic preheating of the intake air.
  • Lifting the side doors of the engine compartment.
  • Grouped fillers oil.
  • Reduction in downtime due to the modular design of the elements of power transmission.
  • Reliable protection of the hoses of the hydraulic circuit of the tilt of the blade.
  • The ability to switch speeds and changing the direction of movement through a single lever (Komatsu bulldozer D155A 5 is equipped with hydromechanical transmission Torqflow).
  • A smooth ride and reduce stresses due to the torque Converter.
  • Excellent adhesion on smooth or uneven pavement, and minimal vibration, which is achieved due to the balanced suspension on an elastic suspension, equipped with a cross carriage and rubber buffers.
  • Komatsu D155A 5 features requiring no adjustment multi-disc brakes.
  • Flat frame for easy maneuvering.

Easy management

  • A single joystick to perform a variety of operations.
  • Easy to use joystick to control the equipment.
  • Low noise cabin.
  • Informative e-panel for current monitoring and status of all technical units.


Engine power, HP 305
Operating weight, t 38,7
The type of blade hemispherical
The volume of the blade, m3 8,8
Width of blade, mm 3 955
Cab type metal cabin
Ripper A single-tooth cultivator with adjustable angle of loosening
Transport length, mm 8 155
Overall height, mm 3 500
Overall width without blade, mm 2 659
Ground pressure, kg/cm3 0,79
The reference length of track, mm 3 210
Track width, mm 560

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