Backhoe loader Komatsu WB97S-5

Model WB97S-5 belongs to the latest generation of backhoe loaders Komatsu, which arrives on the market with a number of innovations. During the development, constant attention is paid to clients ‘ requests coming from all over the world. The result is a user-friendly machine with top-notch performance.

  • Joystick proportional control (PPC), standard on front loader and backhoe;
  • Gearbox with automatic switch to “Full Power Shift”;
  • Hydraulic Sistemas closed center (CLSS);
  • Axial piston pump adjustable performance;
  • “Power” and “Economy” mode.

Advanced design

  • The optimal layout of the loader with parallel linkage;
  • Excellent performance when loading;
  • S-shaped boom;
  • Functionally, the thoughtful layout of hydraulic piping and hoses along the boom;
  • The highest figures in VIRUSNAME force and the lifting force.

Complete versatility

  • 3 steering modes: only front wheels “lead” “crab mode”;
  • The capability of a hydraulic side-shift boom;
  • Ability to use pallet forks;
  • Quick couplers for the front and rear of the bucket.

Backhoe loader WB97S-5 features high performance and excellent operational characteristics, including increased values virinova efforts and capacity. The main design feature of hydraulic excavator of the Komatsu loader is a hydraulic system with closed center (CLSS).

Thanks to the adjustable oil flow system effectively utilizes the engine power in each moment of time. The presence of two operating modes – “Power” and “Economy” – allows the operator to choose between maximum power and minimum fuel consumption.

Operating weight, kg 8 700
Engine, diesel SAA4D104E-1
Engine power, HP 99,2
CAT, view automatic
Bucket duchaussoy (4 x 1)
Bucket width, mm 2 320
Bucket capacity, m3 1,03
Height of unloading of a loader, mm 2 840
Maximum height of unloading, mm 700
The volume of the back of the shovel, m3 0,19
Maximum digging depth, mm 6 465
Height of unloading, mm 5 148
Transport length, mm 5 895
Height, mm 3 780
Wheel equal
Crab mode there
Equipped with telescopic handle with wiring for hydraulic hammer

Backhoe loader WB97S v rabote


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