Backhoe loader Komatsu WB93R-5

Model WB93R-5 belongs to the latest generation of backhoe loaders Komatsu, which arrives on the market with a number of innovations. During the development, constant attention is paid to clients ‘ requests coming from all over the world. The result is a user-friendly machine with top-notch performance.

Outstanding performance:

  • High performance;
  • Hydraulic system closed center (CLSS);
  • Axial piston pump adjustable performance;
  • “Power” and “Economy” modes of operation;
  • Joystick proportional control (PPC) for front loader.

Advanced design:

  • The optimal layout of the loader with parallel linkage;
  • Excellent performance when loading;
  • S-shaped boom;
  • Functionally, the thoughtful layout of hydraulic piping and hoses along the boom;
  • The highest figures in VIRUSNAME effort and capacity.

Exceptionally comfortable working conditions:

  • Ergonomic interior cabin space;
  • Low noise level in the cabin;
  • Air conditioning installed on request;
  • Seat depreciation, including performance, air suspension with wide customization possibilities.

Backhoe loader WB93R-5 features high performance and excellent operational characteristics, including greater cennymi values virinova efforts and capacity. The main design feature of hydraulic excavator of the Komatsu loader is a hydraulic system with closed center (CLSS).

Thanks to the adjustable oil flow system effectively utilizes the engine power in each moment of time. The presence of two operating modes – “Power” and “Economy” – allows the operator to choose between maximum power and minimum fuel consumption.

Joystick servo control (RRC) front bucket is standard equipment. Transmission “Power Shuttle” transmission has 4 forward gears and 4 reverse gear with the possibility of synchronized mechanical switching. Electro-hydraulic differential lock in combination with reinforced bridges increase the efficiency and confidence of the operator in various operating conditions.

The curved shape of the boom improves the performance when loading, makes it easier to obstructions and provides a high vylivnoi effort. The telescopic handle significantly expands the possibilities of practical use of the machine.

The cabin has a modern design, equipped with structures for rollover protection (ROPS) and protection against falling objects (FOPS) and equipped with all necessary equipment.

Its increased interior space, and large rounded Windows create optimal conditions to operate the ventilation system through a series of well-positioned vents. Special attention was given to the interior layout of the cabin: easily accessible control panel, ergonomic controls, and plenty of holders and storage compartments testify to the desire of the company Komatsu operators to create optimal conditions for work.

Operating weight, kg 8 070
Engine, diesel SAA4D104E-1
Engine power, HP  99,2
CAT, view semi-automatic
Bucket duchaussoy (4 x 1)
Bucket width, mm  2 320
Bucket capacity, m3  1
Height of unloading of a loader, mm  2 720
Maximum height of unloading, mm  750
The volume of the back of the shovel, m3  0,19
Maximum digging depth, mm  6 055
Height of unloading, mm  4 880
Transport length, mm  5 895
Height, mm 3 870
Wheel different
Crab mode no
Equipped with telescopic handle with wiring for hydraulic hammer

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