An amazing machine for high-speed bagging of sand (Video)

This clever machinery for the 8-hour day is able to package up to 6240 bags of construction sand, gravel or earth.

Sand is an irreplaceable ingredient for the production of glass reinforced concrete products, for construction of roads and buildings, firefighting, flood protection, and more.Dr.

Of course, several plants sand just stored in bulk, but on construction sites often have to be dragged from one place to another, loading on the uncomfortable cars.

But, the American company Barrier systems after the storm Matthew, which has caused multiple floods, have wondered create a convenient and effective device that could quickly and without human intervention to pack the sand in the bags.

In the end, they managed to invent attachments Sand Master for installation on various special equipment that can the two evenly pack the sand bags with drawstring.

Sand Master is able to pack for an 8-hour shift to 6240 of these bags.

As you can see from the video the technology is suitable for packing of sand, earth and gravel.

The main intent of the developer was avoiding manual labor and full automation of the process. Now, using this intelligent equipment, only two people can perform the amount of work, more than a brigade, wielding shovels.

Today attachments Sand Master there are two versions:

– SandMaster 20 performance 20 bags, designed for mounting on skid steer loaders;

– SandMaster 26 performance 26 bags for excavators and loaders of medium and large weighing range.

Technology has found its use on construction sites and rescue services in many countries.

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